Hanker inked with Meri Pharmacy (Marie Stopes)

June 03, 2020

Meri Pharmacy

Meri Pharmacy is an Ambulatory care and 24/7 service concept, where medicines are sold following the highest standards.

With a network of (6) Pharmacies and a plan of (10) Pharmacies before end 2020, Meri Pharmacy is here to make a difference. They assure everything their customers buys is 100% authentic. Availability of medicines at Meri Pharmacy is never an issue. They have an updated stock of most reliable drugs and medicines and consider medicine handling a crucial factor for human lives; all medicines are transported and stored under controlled temperature, without compromising on quality.

Meri Pharmacy sells medicines at an affordable and competitive price and our qualified pharmacists will provide you with the best advice and guidance.

Hanker Technologies is proud to Partner with Meri Pharmacy