Wintering for Women ? Style Statement

Style for working woman is as important as it is for anyone else, perhaps more focus is on the style as at the end of the day, she has to make a mark at work too 🙂

Style is the key, wintering is all about carrying yourself in warm clothes with a warm lipstick colour and a warm smile, sipping coffee and managing work with style!

Many women struggle to carry eastern with coats and scarfs, the three piece suit may be a good idea for summers (lawns) but style is with scarfs, shoes and bags, with jackets and coats. Many women don’t realize that they can actually curb their wardrobe expense during winters. All you need is variety of coats, couple of high shoes and closed shoes and jazzy lip colors. To carry matching bag (neural colours like brown, beige, black are good enough) however any day if you are just wearing black, an extra color in bag is going to enhance your look!


Do you want to learn how to curb the wardrobe expense in winters. It’s very simple, high necks or sweaters (solid colors) with most of the time black trousers or high waste jeans and change your look every day while playing around with colours in your accessories that is scarfs and shoes! Managing your look in fact enhancing your look with this style is so easy, affordable and manageable for working woman. Lip colour and eye colour complimenting the look with some contemporary jewelry is all you need.
There was a time when I used to hold life shops on making working women understand how to carry their style statement with pragmatic approach.

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