How to Become a Smart Buyer! a more technology inclined buyer

Being a smart buyer is going to be a new skill learnt across the globe specially during pandemic.

All brands specially fashion retail will have to be more cognizant of the buying patterns of a smart buyer who is now more equipped to shop online – know the trending around, good in exploring different brands, offers, comparing value propositions, offering while being on one click! Absolutely you got me right. Smart buyer would be the one who is going to cash the offerings around, would be able to shop ahead of season through offers and can be tapped as per his/her shopping trends.

It would be important to cash the loyalty points in order to spend less size of pocket yet being in the trending mode. Have you explored yet such a platform which is going to equip you to become a smart buyer? If not, my friends learn the trick! Smart buyer is going to stay ahead in fashion and will be in radar of all the fashion brand! To learn how to be a smart buyer, stay tuned to my blockā€¦ more tricks to learn! #Smart buying

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