2022 will start with the Saying SMART Means, Better Artificial  intelligence Support. So here we start with the top 5 TECH Trends will shape up your 2022 more progressive.

NEW SMART , AI technology is not new to us , but there improvisation in the technology will take the leap to the new dynamic . As we started the Smart means better AI , you will encounter Smart phones , Smart cars , Smart TV to all supported by Hi tech more authentic Algorithms ,And reason is stronger Datafication , where you will encounter everything will be recorded from your electric switches pattern to your buying behavior and this Data will set the new level of algorithms


From Covid 19 we have all encountered or practiced the word work from home , the concept will continue further in far more organized manner with the beginning of  METAVERSE

From Concept of Game to working from home we will start experience virtual world in the more realistic manner , Whether working virtually to socializing we all will experience a parallel life . And the stage is already SET by the 5G internet , Cryptocurrencies. Metaverse is expected to excel its grip in all human sense where the trial versions will begin by 2022

 NO Codes & Transparencies

AI will not further will be labelled as Black box , where the myths in people mind how this works what . By 2022 AI will be made Ready to Build NO code Solutions for the organization for their business decision needs, These no code solutions will be user friendly No code required AI Solutions to customize your required, Mean no hi tech software engineers required to make a single point decision.

We humans have always the concern over the technology and trust Now in 2022 no-code AI will enhance the trust and bring the transparencies toward the solution

Image 2022 will be the year were Human resource department will make decision based on AI on the resource insights , Imagine 2022 as where medical science will step into the world of predicting , alarming or taking precaution of the health hazard

This all will be possible when AI will turned into No Code solution , mean no hi tech software engineer to be deployed with the heavy cost to make a single point decision on this.


HANKER :  The Emerging AI based technology solution platform has initiated it operation to address the retail needs and make decision based predictive analysis

IMAGINE You are entering into the world of 2022 with Hanker who can help you predict which of your customer is interest in buying which color this Summer season and tap the untapped potential of your sleeping opportunities





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