For the Love of movies – Cinemas are open now!

There was a time when the big screen business got a hype – and Lahore witnesses opening of many cinemas including cinestar etc. Clubs and malls also become part of it and we saw competition among them in showing the movie at earliest.
Covid 19 , took this charm away among many others but – thankfully the wait is over and after indoor dining the cinemas are open too. I’m so much looking forward to enjoy block busters with popcorns and specially in winters. Netflix can’t beat the love of movies in cinemas. There has already been a lot of loss for movies and cinema industry because of zero business. For the love of movies “no time to die” a James Bond series is released in Pakistan! Time to plan to chose the cinema to watch this with friends and families!
Stay tuned – movie lovers, hopefully good stuff to be watched !

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