Does Online Food Delivery Obsolete the Concept of Dine-In? What’s ZEN-Gs Prefer Online or Dine-In?

Does Online Food Delivery Obsolete the Concept of Dine-In? What’s ZEN-Gs Prefer Online or Dine-In?


The global food delivery market is experiencing a rapid growth trajectory that has tripled over two decades. This trend was most pronounced following the COVID-19 pandemic, with US sales doubling during healthy historical 8% annual rates in aggregates and per capita terms!


The changing consumer expectations of the modern-day have allowed food delivery apps and tech-enabled driver networks to flourish. These technologies unlocked ready-to-eat meals as an industry, with lockdown laws giving them additional boosts in popularity during pandemics. Moving forward into future generations, it’s poised themselves for permanent fixtures on dining landscape plans!


The millennial generation has been the most avid of restaurant-goers, but it’s time to start considering Gen Z. These two groups are similar in many aspects–they both rely heavily on social media and have a higher disposable income than other generations combined; however, certain distinctions between them make them prime targets for restaurants looking to build loyal customer bases.


The next generation is big for dining out. Not only do they like going to restaurants, but Gen Z also shares their positive experiences with friends, which can be seen as a form of advertising and boosting sales even more than usual by word-of-mouth alone!


Gen Z and the Sharing Culture

The generation of people now in charge was born between 1995 and 2007. They follow food trends they see on social media, making it hard for restaurants that are not at least partly online-active to stay afloat because Gen Z never experienced the day when walking into a restaurant without knowing what to expect—all thanks to our smartphones!


Restaurant owners should know that Gen Z wants their dining experience to be simple and technology-focused. With the generation being more inclined towards social media, they are likely to post a bad review on Instagram or Twitter with pictures if something goes wrong; others who follow them see how it went down!


What Does Gen Z Want in a Restaurant?

Gen Z-ers are more adventurous than previous generations. They enjoy fusions, global cuisines, and authentic ethnic foods that they want to experience with their culture, not just eat great food—the atmosphere or service is equally important!


How to Reach the Gen Z Market

It’s clear that Gen Z cares about the experience, so restaurants should be sure to make their food worthwhile. Marketers must appeal directly through social media campaigns with dynamic content and interactive features to capture this generation’s attention. One way they can do this is by using tablets at tables or ordering drinks from drinkers’ phones in addition not just screens within establishments like apps where youngsters are often found today—although technology options such as these will always entice them!


It’s A Wrap!

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many, silver linings, have also been. One such shining light is delivery services that allow people who live at home to order food in case of emergencies or other needs, and it arrives hot on their doorstep with no need to step outside!


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