Digital Content Strategies for 2021 and ….

1) Brand Mission .

As Simon Sinek rightly explained , People in the organization knows what to do , even know how to do , But rarely knows WHY to do , That WHY makes the brand shine out , A biggest example is Apple , challenging the status quo , Some other great brands like H&M talks about Sustainable fashion , Marine Layer introduced the Re Spun campaign as core brand mission ,  Remember we are now mainly targeting Millennials and Gen z with our content , the generation who preferred brand with the values

2 Product Feature.

A rational approach has its value , Digital platform are the approach to present the product in the stylized way , When it comes to brand value , its equally imperative to add product value

3) Life Style Content


When its come to effective approach to connect well with your audience LS content are the key , showing authenticity if you are mass market brand , give your story telling some inspirations and let the rest  be hit to the audience subconscious

4) UGC


 Ever wonder why Most Top notch brands of Pakistan has different grid in Instagram then International brands , I believe we missed out the core existence of Instagram and satisfied making similar content for all social channels , Where its not most successfully international brands create the mix of content strategy and the their preferred one is UGC content its Content from User for User


Brand having hi social bond with audience its a treat for them to anticipate what master piece is coming , or other way around of what fun , hard work a brand has put in making a piece of content for you.

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