Brand REPOSITIONING with Fall -21 Launch

Fast fashion is now shifting to ULTRA Fast Fashion. Thanks to the People who process fast information, Multitaskers, Head spinners, DIY Mind setters YES.. we are talking about iGens or GEN – Z
ENGINE Challenges for the brand shifts were numerous, We decided to take the Deep breath first . Lets bring on the issues . but wait where were we want to head, there is always someone smarter in the board room

WE ARE HEADING TO MAKE THIS AN ASPIRATIONAL BRAND . this lead us the brand has better relevant toward the right target audience. Our potential buyer GEN – Z . Well this is no brainer …”The same smart guy”
Ok , when its comes to brand building luckily we know it’s the brand relevance and novelty plays the major part . So our journey final begins with the initial research and that gave us breaking point

GEN -Z are best to associate with Technology , Social , Cultural Roots and Importantly Values
So ENGINE has to do more …(Our American statement) Than competitor of this league
In this Fall campaign we introduced the concept of Individualism in a Tribe . The Concept of Fusing Culture with the technology blended with Highly stylites fashion shots brings the Novelty and the right Connect with the audience true fashion representation
We are here to make the Statement .. We are here to connect With the fresh perspective “ ENGINE IS NOW BLENDED WITH GEN – Z” and our Outcome is ZENGEN
So get ready … An Era of ZENGEN by Engine is hitting the stores & Online on 27th SEP 21 . Its beginning with the promise to our audience you find this unique , you find individualism and you will YOU in this. (Well if you are zengen reading this 🙂

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